NFC Alarm
Summer 2015


This is an Android alarm app. It is special because your alarm will turn off only after you tap a pre-registerd nfc, like your student ID card or your front door fob.

I thought making alarms would be easy. It wasn't. If you think about it, alarm clocks, by nature, must go against every reasonable human interface guideline. You must nag your user for them to wake up. Your process should not be easy to dismiss.

Working to find loopholes in Android's service management sytem but still trying to maintain good user experience was a bizarre process. Sometimes I felt guilty about not closing a process even when the user actively tries to (after all, that is the point of my alarm).

I am a very heavy sleeper. That is why I made this. To me this project is meaningful because it is the first software I wrote that actually solves a problem I have.