Summer 2016

Company Website

VOLO is a travel journal social networking service. It is an approximately 15 people startup team under SK Techx. I worked as an iOS developer at the team. I originally applied to be an Android developer because the company was looking to port its iOS app to the Android platform. They ended up outsourcing the job, and I joined as an iOS developer.

I was actively engaged in introducing new features to the service, as well as fixing bugs. I was with the company during the launch of their Android app, and I also helped in the QA process for Android. The management at the company was kind enough to let an intern decide which projects to work on(even though VOLO was an up-an-running service, there were a lot of things on the roadmap. This was one of the things I liked about the company.) and what might benefit the service more.

This was my first real job as a software engineer. I am still grateful for the speed and effort with which the team members brought me up to speed with best software practices and tools(version control, company logistics, team coding).