Work Experience

  1. ActionPower (curr.) - Natural language processing / artificial intelligence researcher
  2. OkeyDokey - Co-founder, blockchain engineer, smart contract/mobile/JS developer
  3. Volo - Intern iOS developer, Android QA assistant
  4. Teaching Assistant
    • Mobile & IoT Computing, Carnegie Mellon University (S16, S17)
    • Principles of Computing, Carnegie Mellon University (S16, F16, S17)


  1. S.Park, J.Lee: LIME: Weakly Supervised Text Classification Without Seeds (COLING 2022)

  2. S.Park, D.Shin, J.Lee: Leveraging Non-dialogue Summaries For Dialogue Summarization (Transcript Understanding Workshop at COLING 2022)

  3. S.Park, J.Lee: Unsupervised Abstractive Dialogue Summarization with Word Graphs and POV Conversion (WIT Workshop at ACL 2022)

  4. S.Park, J.Lee: Finetuning Pretrained Transformers into Variational Autoencoders (Insights Workshop at EMNLP 2021)

  5. S.Park, D.Shin, S.Paik, S.Choi, A.Kazakova, J.Lee: Improving Distinction between ASR Errors and Speech Disfluencies with Feature Space Interpolation (preprint, 2021)

  6. M.Gomez, M.Weiss, S.Park, P.Krishnamurthy: Technology Adoption in Spectrum Sharing: Estimating the Impact on Incumbents in the 3.5GHz Band (Speaker at TPRC47)


… in order of personal attachment:

  1. Hama NLP nlp ml Lightweight and open source Korean NLP Toolkit (morpheme analysis, POS tagging, etc).

  2. OkeyDokey blockchain go Smart Doorlock & rental system on the Ethereum blockchain.

  3. okdkjs blockchain js Javascript library to interface with OkeyDokey smart contracts.

  4. okdk-mobile blockchain react android ios go React Native mobile client to access OkeyDokey smart contracts.

  5. Red-Black Tree Visualization react Animated visualization of red-black trees.

  6. NFC Alarm android An annoying alarm app.

  7. Mr. Roboato robotics ml Undergraduate capstone project: an autonomous ship control robot.

  8. soccerline chrome Chrome extension to fix an ill-managed website.

  9. AndroTranslate chrome Chrome extension that fixes our typos.

  10. Android Tutorial android Android app development tutorial written in Korean.